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Apply to be a Food Simply Chef in less than 3 minutes!

Inspired Chefs, Inspired Cuisine

We’re Hiring

How did you learn to cook?
Do you specialize in any of the following?

Hiring inspired, creative, and passionate driven chefs!

Do you love to cook, but don't want to work 12-hour days in a restaurant getting paid slightly more than minimum wage, following someone else's orders, and cooking food that isn't your own creation?


Well at Food Simply, we celebrate our Chefs and we support their creative culinary expressions. We believe cooking is an art and that you should feel encouraged and empowered to cook in a way that is energizing and electrifying for you.

So let us honor you and your edible creations.

We are looking to hire personable, driven, friendly, passionate chefs.

We have clients that are looking for weekly meal prep with diversified diets, and we also have clients who are looking to impress and host the most unique, killer, and tasteful dinner parties! Also we cater large events and are looking for chefs who specializy in catering. 

As a Food Simply chef you'll be able to pick up the jobs and events you want and deny the ones you're not interested in. This gives you the absolute freedom to pick your own schedule and stay true to your own specialties.

How it Works

Using your creative talent and passion for food, Food Simply will personally connect you with clients who we are confident will fit your schedule and your culinary specialties. The goal is for this business platform to be just as beneficial and helpful for you as it is for the clients you are serving.

To be one of our chefs, you'll need to pass an intensive interview process that includes culinary knowledge, cooking tests, tastings, and a background check. 


We are soo excited to highlight, promote, and experience your culinary journey!

Join us today to get started being a private chef for private dinner parties, catering events, and weekly meal prep!

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